This is a site I made just for the hell of it (And to help me learn how to use HTML better). It's pretty terrible right now, though that might be because I literally just made it today.

I haven't been over here for over two months... so I'll just say it's because I've been focusing more on other things like having content to post on YouTube. Check it out if you want a big dose of low quality videos (not in terms of content, but in literal quality) with a heavy emphasis on musical projects lately.

...And because I'm still getting through my school years. :)

Well, I guess every time I edit this page I might as well change this, so I'm gonna go ahead and upload a random meme and post it here every time, sort of as a sign that I have indeed changed something. I guarantee you that unless you are actually interested in the same things I'm interested in (or things related to the meme in question), you will be left confused.

About the person behind this under-development site

Online, I go by AnAverageArceus, usually. I really like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and have been making mods for the game on occasion. Pokemon's another game I enjoy, especially White (though that's probably just because it's the first Pokemon game I've ever owned). Other than games I like, I tend to make jokes about a LOT of stuff. Scott The Woz is absolutely my favorite channel on YouTube... and that's all I'm gonna say for now, I don't know what else I really can say.